What is a white label payment gateway solutions as a SaaS platform? Have you ever thought how often in your daily life you use words, terms or phrases that look completely understandable to you, but confuse your interlocutors? Well, we have.

white label payment gateway solutions as saas platform

We noticed that whenever we talk or write about beGateway white label payment acceptance and processing platform developed by eComCharge, we emphasize that it is SaaS and white label payment gateway. We seem to be sure that these two acronyms fully explain what a cool thing we’ve created and how it can be used.

It continued up until now when, after the presentation of beGateway to a potential client, one of the representatives suddenly said, “Look, it’s great! I think this is just what we need. But could you once again explain the options of getting your processing platform? ”

The answer is SaaS and white label solution. That’s what we should have begun with! Let’s get all this straightened out.

SaaS platform for online payment acceptance and processing

SaaS stands for “Software as a Service”.

If software is SaaS, it means that it is physically located and running on the servers owned by the supplier of the software. Hence, many customers from all around the world can use it at the same time as if each of them had a copy of the software on their own server or computer.

SaaS as a distribution model is very popular among software systems and platforms, intended for solving various problems via the Internet. We like to call the SaaS model a software lease. In fact, this is what it is.

With SaaS, the customer can save money, not having to buy expensive software package required for the business (the price can be a six-figure sum). The customer doesn’t have to purchase or pay for the maintenance of a server or multiple servers, needed for the software either.

Instead, the customer pays a relatively small monthly rental fee and gets the same features and benefits of the leased software package, as the owners do.

White label payment gateway solution for online payment acceptance and processing

WLS stands for White Label Solution, which means “solution under your brand.”

Imagine a product that doesn’t have the packaging yet. The manufacturer isn’t specified either. You can choose the package design according to your taste, put your logo on it, and sell it at the prices and under the conditions that you consider acceptable.

You are not the manufacturer of the goods, but you get the right to sell it as your own, without any mention of its origin. This is how white label solution works.

Now that the essence of SaaS and white label solution is clear, we can define beGateway as a white label software package for online payment acceptance and processing which can be rented (it being SaaS) and used under the brand name of the tenant for the benefit of their business (it being white label solution).

Who are the tenants of white label processing gateway?

Payment platform for PSP and Acquirers

Typical tenants of beGateway processing platform are:

  1. Payment service providers (processing companies) catering for online stores and helping them accept payments from end users;
  2. Acquiring banks who want to launch their own payment service provider to offer their customers not just Internet acquiring (i.e. payout of the processed online card transactions), but a full-featured service to accept online payments “turnkey”.

beGateway white label payment platform for PSP

If our client rents beGateway, their branded copy of the processing platform is up and running on eComCharge’s servers. The two parties sign a leasing agreement; the customer provides CSS-styles, logos and some necessary information, for us to be able to render the visible part of their future processing system (back office, payment page, notifications, etc.)compliant with their brand or any other wishes.

The setup and launch of a separate copy of beGateway white label payment gateway may take from several hours up to one month. It all depends on whether beGateway supports the required payment systems and acquiring banks or whether we will have to add them.

payment platform for PSP

In any case, our client will not have to do any complex technical work or to engage in programming. They get a full-featured and ready-to-function processing system under their own brand, including entry/exit data points linked to the domain name, complete documentation on the processing system, plus the required training period for the employees. And of course, the administrator access to the new processing platform.

It’s like the platform is not rented but bought to own. But wait, there’s more to it!

There is a copy of the certificate and other documents attached to the leasing agreement to prove that the rented white label payment gateway  meets all safety requirements when working with bank payment cards and is certified according to PCI DSS Level 1 standard.

These documents and the leasing agreement is enough for beGateway tenants to officially register as a payment service provider, and to accept and process payments by VISA, MasterCard bank cards and other payment systems.

Do not forget that the round-the-clock monitoring and maintenance of the rented processing platform by eComCharge specialists is included into the rental payment. The benefits of creating a payment service based on beGateway platform are obvious!

beGateway white label billing platform for acquiring banks

There is another way to get access to beGateway online payment acceptance and processing platform. This is not the SaaS model, although the payment principle for the processing system is still lease.

We have developed this option in response to the acquiring banks’ requests. Banks seem to have either some internal reasons for or an old habit of having maximum control over everything they deal with, and want the processing platform to be physically located on their own servers at their premises.

payment platform for acquirers


In this case, the bank will have to perform some preliminary work. Namely, to prepare the technical infrastructure (the servers, communication, etc.) for beGateway processing platform to be installed and set up on their equipment.

As a rule, the bank can do this on their own. However, if needed, our technicians are ready to provide support and assistance.

Once the infrastructure is ready, we install and configure the branded version of beGateway on the bank’s servers, train the staff, and as a result, the acquiring bank enjoys the same options as any other tenant of the SaaS model of beGateway processing platform.

The only difference being that due to the physical location of the processing platform copy on the bank’s servers, the monitoring and maintenance will be carried out by the bank’s experts, but  eComCharge specialists will be happy to help, if needed.

Best regards,

Respectfully, eComCharge TeamВерим в ваш успех, Команда eComCharge
eComCharge develops and delivers the PCI DSS Level 1 certified White Label Payment Platform beGateway for Payment Service Providers and Acquirers.Компания eComCharge разрабатывает и поставляет процессинговую платежную платформу beGateway, сертифицированную по самому высшему уровню стандарта PCI DSS, для поставщиков платежных услуг и банков, которые используют ее под собственным брендом.