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beGateway API

White label payment gateway development is based on API. API stands for Application Programming Interface and is a set of queries and responses that any external source (an online store, a market place, a mobile or a desktop application, etc.) can use for communication between their own software and the processing system software based on beGateway platform to accept online payments.

Since the processing system deals with confidential data (customer billing details, names, addresses, phone numbers, etc.), beGateway platform API is restricted for safety reasons. This means that all API request to the processing system based on beGateway platform will require authorization; the authorization data will be available to the merchant only after their registration with your payment service is complete.

On the other hand, there is a special test data in beGateway white label payment processing platform API which is available without registration, if you wish to test or debug API integration. This test data allows you to create API requests to the processing system and get real API responses.

Your new processing system API will be based on JSON structure to make it very simple, easy for your customers to read, understand and use, if it is based on beGateway platform.


As you can see, there’s nothing complicated and you don’t have to be a pro.

API request to create a payment page token

	"checkout": {
		"transaction_type": "payment",
		"version": 2,
		"settings": {
			"success_url": "",
			"decline_url": "",
			"fail_url": "",
			"cancel_url": "",
			"notification_url": "",
			"language": "en",
			"customer_fields" : {
				"hidden" : ["phone"],
				"read_only" : ["email"]
		"order": {
			"currency": "GBP",
			"amount": 4299,
			"description": "Order description"
		"customer": {
			"address": "Baker street 221b",
			"country": "GB",
			"city": "London",
			"email": ""

Possible API response from the processing system

		"token": "3241e439f8c87d941d92621a4bdc030d4c9a69c67f3b0cfe12de4a13cc34aa51",
		"redirect_url": ""

beGateway API Features

Payment service API based on beGateway white label payment processing platform enables online merchants to:

  1. Accept payments made by any means of payment supported by the platform;
  2. Work with all types of transactions available in beGateway platform;
  3. Receive notification of new transactions (including chargeback notification) and change their current status;
  4. Import a list of transactions from the processing system and synchronize their own database and the payment service database;
  5. Get access to and use fraud protection tools;
  6. Enjoy all the opportunities of online payments acceptance that a merchant expects from their payment service provider.

API allows your payment service to cooperate with independent software and e-commerce system developers.

Platforms for online store fast opening, marketplaces, companies developing plug-ins to create online stores based on popular CRM – they can all use your payment service API to embed your processing system integration in their products and offer it to their customers.

Given the right approach, such partners can become a good source of new online merchants for the payment service provider.

Read beGateway processing system API here

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