Hello from eComCharge! We’re excited to share the latest updates from the first month of 2024 for the beGateway white-label payment processing platform:

NEW Connectors for the beGateway white-label payment gateway

  • In January, we introduced three new connectors for card payments: Paytently, NestPay, and NotaPay.
  • Additionally, a payout method has been integrated into the existing collaboration with Bank CenterCredit (BCC.kz).

Limit Notifications in Smart Routing

  • Now, in Smart Routing rules with aggregated parameters (e.g., sum), you can configure notifications triggered when a specified percentage of the limit is reached.
  • Advantages include receiving notifications before reaching the limit, providing time for informed decisions, and facilitating proactive negotiations of limits with acquirers.

Example: Imagine a scenario where transactions need rejection if the overall amount of processed transactions in the current week hits 10k EUR on a gateway. With the new feature, a PSP admin can set up a notification when the overall amount reaches, for instance, 85% of the limit. This allows time to renegotiate the limit with the acquirer if necessary, with the option to set up to 5 threshold values per rule, triggering notifications upon reaching them.

Preconditions for Smart Routing Rules

  • We’ve introduced the ability to set preconditions for Smart Routing rules. This enables the system to determine whether to execute a rule, initiating calculations of all necessary data for rule checking.

Read a case from our experience:How we taught our Smart Routing to stop doing extra push-ups.

Respectfully, eComCharge TeamВерим в ваш успех, Команда eComCharge
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