Not too long ago we described three popular integration options, that payment service providers who use the White Label card processing software beGateway for internet payment acceptance and processing, can offer to their clients: API, redirecting to the processing company’s payment page and a payment form in iFrame.

Card Processing Software beGateway start 2017

But in fact the possibilities of the processing platform beGateway to connect businesses to the payment service are even wider. There are a number of additional ways that we call “integration without integration”:

  1. Shopping cart payment modules.
  2. Virtual Terminal.
  3. Payment link.

And this is what this article is about.

Shopping Cart Payment Modules for CMS of Your Merchants

CMS stands for Content Management System. This term is used to denote a large class of server software, which is designed to simplify and accelerate Web site creation, as well as to manage the content much easier after the launch.

Thanks to CMS, the owner of a Web site can create, modify, and delete the content, update the design and even the structure of the site without resorting to Web programming, but through using friendly and sometimes intuitive CMS Control Panel user interface.

CMS uses software modules to extend the capabilities of a Web site based on this CMS. To install the modules one doesn’t have to be a system administrator or know the file structure of the Web server. One simply uploads a file with a module via CMS control panel, set the module according to the included instructions, and this is how your corporate website gets a system of blogs for staff or a section with an online store.


Some CMS (e.g. WordPress) are universal, and due to the huge variety of modules are suitable for creating any kind of Web resource: from personal photo galleries to a corporate Web-site for a large company. Other CMS (e.g. 1-C Bitrix) are originally “geared” towards creating online shops.

The white label processing platform beGateway has a set of ready-made shopping cart payment modules for simple and quick integration of online stores based on various popular CMS. This integration does not require programming. One simply uploads the corresponding shopping cart payment module in CMS, make a simple adjustment, – and the process of connecting the Internet-shop to a payment service has been successfully completed.

Today the white label processing platform beGateway for receiving and processing online payments enables integration (shopping cart payment modules) with the following CMS:

Shopping cart payment modules - beGateway

beGateway shopping cart payment modules

This list is regularly updated, as on our clients’ request we keep creating free shopping cart payment modules for new CMS.

Learn more about shoping cart payment modules to connect an online store to beGateway platform.

Virtual Terminal of White Label Payment Card Processing Software beGateway

Virtual Terminal is a sort of payment page, which is never visited by buyers, but which is used by the seller to enter payment data received from their customers by phone or mail.

Businesses use virtual terminal much more often than it may seem at first.

You know, all these TV-shops that offer to call a toll-free telephone number listed at the bottom of the screen to buy a wonder-frying pan or set of forever sharp knives at a very reasonable price. Or advertisements in newspapers offering to clip the attached coupon, fill it in stating the number of your credit card and send to the seller by mail to get a titanium pocket flashlight, or a set of biologically active additives to improve vitality.

All these merchants use virtual terminal to accept and process the incoming payments.

beGateway virtual terminal

Example of virtual terminal for your merchants

It should be noted though that the virtual terminal can only be used to receive payments by bank payment cards.

The merchant gets access to a virtual terminal from the back office located in the payment service provider’s processing system. The access to virtual terminal is switched on and off by an employee of the payment service on the Control Panel of the processing platform beGateway.

A virtual terminal looks like an ordinary payment form with fields to enter data about the buyer and the bankcard and an “accept payment” button.

As with the usual payment page, the merchant determines the fields to be filled in to conduct the transaction. But the minimum that needs to be specified is the card number and the expiration date. CVC code is not required.

Payment Link of White Label Payment Processing Platform beGateway

Payment link is an interesting and useful tool that extends the seller’s opportunities to accept money from clients and customers. It works as follows.

The merchant gives a short description of the product/service and its cost in a special section of the back office in the processing system of the payment service provider.

product create beGateway

Here your merchants can create products/services

In response, the system creates a Web link to the payment page. The seller may send this link to the buyer by email, text message, or any other messenger.

products beGateway

Generation of Payment link

When a buyer clicks the link, he or she goes to a payment page with information about the seller, selected goods or services description, payment amount and means of payment accepted by the seller. The buyer is only to select a payment method, enter the details in the appropriate fields and complete the transaction.

The payment page that opens to the buyer is placed on a secure server owned by the payment service provider. The payment link created by the seller establishes a secure connection with the server when the buyer goes to the page in a browser.

The entire payment process is fully compliant with PCI DSS security standard approved in the payment industry.

Since we are the developers of the white label processing platform, we can offer even more to payment service providers. Now the payment services that use our platform beGateway can offer their customers (merchants) to set:

  • link operating time, which is useful, for example, for promotions;
  • the number of payments that can be made using the link (from 1 to infinity), which is convenient if there is a limit, for example, for a seminar.

The number of payment links the seller can create in the back office is unlimited.

Payment links are perfect when  issuing  invoices for any service. For example, for online tutoring, text translations, or consultation.

Payment links can appear in advertisements on Web forums or social networks. One can even publish them in printed media and directories – it is easy if they are converted into QR-code. Payment links have strong potential as a tool to accept payments for the so-called impulse purchases.

By constantly developing and improving the processing platform beGateway, we strive to ensure that our clients (payment service providers) could offer their online merchants simple, modern, comfortable and secure ways of payment acceptance.

Best regards,

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