eComCharge developers released a new payment widget for the white label payment processing platform beGateway with the ability to pass 3-D Secure check in the widget. Here are the advantages beGateway tenants and their clients gained.

White Label Payment Processing Platform: review of the new payment widget with 3-D Secure check

A payment widget is a payment form opened on the website in an iframe to keep a visual contact of the online buyer with the website on which they pay for a product or service, without redirection to the page of the electronic payment processor.

White label payment processing platform. Features of the beGateway payment widget

1. One payment widget for all payment methods: user-friendly with payment instructions

Of course, the new payment widget combines all the payment methods the merchant needs to accept payments. The overall graphic design is user-friendly and is designed to make the entire payment process simple, clear and convenient for the buyer:

  1. Each payment method in the widget is displayed as an icon with a recognizable logo
  2. For each payment method, the buyer gets an instruction on how to make a payment
  3. Payment widget adapts to the screens of mobile devices
  4. All payments, including 3-D Secure check, are made inside the widget never leaving the merchant’s website

Payment methods are connected automatically according to the merchant settings within the system. The payment service provider can connect or activate the required payment methods for merchants.

The white label payment processing platform beGateway today is integrated with:

  • acquiring banks and payment service providers from the EU, the USA and the CIS countries: ACI Pay.on (USA), Allied Wallet (USA), NMI (USA), PayVision (the Netherlands), Wirecard (Germany), LPB Bank (Latvia), Rietumu Banka (Latvia), Decta (Latvia), Bank One (Mauritius), ecomm365 (Ireland), e-comprocessing (England), OrangePay (Czech Republic), Twispay (Romania), etc.;
  • bank-links for the Baltic States;
  • e-wallets, vouchers and other alternative payment systems, including Skrill, Neteller, Qiwi WebMoney, Yandex.Money, SafetyPay, TrustPay, MuchBetter, CashFlows, UPaySafe, APCO, TicketSurf, CashToCode, etc

2. The easiest installation of the payment widget

One of the interesting features of the payment widget made by eComCharge developers is its easy installation on the merchant’s website.  To use the payment widget, the merchant simply adds 24 lines of code in javascript to the site. The processing system will send to the code the configuration of the parameters necessary for the payment form and its display to the Internet buyer.

For the beGateway tenants, the exchange of payment data between the payment widget and the processing system of the payment service provider takes place directly through a secure encrypted channel, independent of the merchant’s website, in full compliance with the requirements of the PCI DSS standard. This means that merchants of payment service providers do not have to worry about the safety of the payment data provided by their customers or clients.

3. 3-D Secure check inside the payment widget

Cardholder verification using 3-D Secure technology is now possible directly inside the widget during the payment process, without going to another browser page. This means that merchants of payment service providers will no longer lose their customers in the payment process.

Of course, there is an option to disable 3-D Secure in the beGateway system settings. But it can be done only by the payment service provider, for each merchant individually. We assume that the 3-D Secure cardholder verification inside the widget will appeal to merchants and exclude requests to disable 3-D Secure.

4. Payments via Skrill and other systems within the widget

Payments via Skrill and other payment systems are also made in the payment widget, without being redirected to the payment page.

If it is impossible not to redirect the buyer in the payment process, the widget goes into payment pending state, and the buyer is redirected to the appropriate web resource to complete the payment process.

5. Multilingual payment widget

The payment widget is multilingual. To date, it has been translated into 14 languages.

6. Adjusting the number of requested fields for customer data entry

For some payment methods, the merchant can choose what information they request from the buyer on the payment form.

For example, for a card payment, the merchant can request only the minimum necessary data: card number, expiration date, cvc, and cardholder’s name. If needed, they can also ask for a mailing address or an e-mail address of the buyer.

7. Secure data storage

For payments by bankcards, our payment widget safely stores the buyer’s payment data on the processing system secure server and issues a payment token to the merchant to enable subsequent one-click payments from regular customers.

beGateway tenants also provide an opportunity to accept payments on a secure html payment page (for example, to accept payments not on the site, but using a link in e-mail or skype: the buyer clicks the link and goes to the payment page).

View beGateway payment widget demo.

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