In the early 2000s, connecting a website to a payment service provider usually required certain programming skills from merchants. Back then, the merchants hired programmers to tackle the program code that was supposed to link the online store and the processing system (through which the merchant intended to accept payments from their customers). Today everything has changed. For the merchant to connect quickly to your processing system, he just need to download a payment module for his shopping cart from your Github.

simple integration for merchants with the white label payment gateway

eComCharge (beGateway) partners with most of the popular online shopping carts for simple integration yours merchants with beGateway white label payment gateway.

How can your merchant or his developer use an integration payment module?

  1. Download the desired payment module suitable for shopping cart from Github
  2. In your web-site admin install the integrated payment module
  3. Perform simple settings in the web-site admin according to the instruction

That’s it, the site is technically integrated and is ready to accept cards payments.

As you can see, the merchant does not require any technical skills, and he can carry out the integration on his own. The developer does not need to create anything if the merchant has instructed him to integrate the site with your processing system. The only thing required is to read the documentation and follow the installation instruction.

Can your merchant accept online payments on his website without integration?

Let’s see:

  1. If your merchant has an online store, the integration with the payment processing system is necessary for a shopping cart to appear on the website and for customers to add their purchases. You might want to offer either API integration, or an integration module for his online shopping cart.
  2. If your merchant is a consultant who sells services, then there is another opportunity to sell on the site automatically without performing any integrations. Give him access to the back office in your processing system, where he can:
  • Create a link to pay for each service
  • “Put” these links through the site admin panel under the “Buy” button. Payments will be accepted directly on the site.

What free integration payment modules for  the shopping carts are already in the white label payment gateway beGateway?

The beGateway library has a large number of integration payment modules for most of the popular online shopping carts.

payment module for the shopping cart - beGateway

Place logos on your website and offer simple integration to your merchants. If some integration payment module for the shopping cart is not available, the eComCharge team will develop it in 10 days. For a complete list of integration modules, please see our API.

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