We did a great job in November and we are pleased to bring you the updates related to beGateway White Label Software: the updated list of active beGateway connectors; mandatory 3-D Secure verification for Apple Pay transactions has become available to reduce merchants’ risk associated with chargebacks; Estonian and Portuguese have been added to the list of available languages for our widget, payment page, and customer notifications.

NEW beGateway Connectors

In November we added 6 new connectors and new payment methods in 2 more connectors.

  1. New connectors for card payments: Rizonpay, JDBBank, SGate, Dreamzpay.
  2. New connectors for APMs: Trio, Noros, EU Pago: new payment method (MB WAY), Paycent: new payment method (Blik). 

Download the full list of ACTIVE connectors with banks and PSP: https://eu1.hubs.ly/H04_N7T0

Mandatory 3-D Secure Verification for Apple Pay transactions

Mandatory 3-D Secure verification for Apple Pay transactions has become available to reduce merchants’ risk associated with chargebacks.


Apple Pay authenticates the payer through biometrics. However, Visa does not consider such authentication an equal substitute for 3-D Secure. Consequently, some acquirers shift the responsibility for the risks of chargebacks to merchants or PSPs. In such cases, Apple Pay may not be a secure method for merchants to receive payments.

Our Solution

We aimed to enable merchants to accept Apple Pay securely. Merchants can now forcefully request 3-D Secure verification for those using Apple Pay. A payer selecting Apple Pay as a payment method is authenticated using biometrics and 3-D Secure.

The Widget, Payment page, and Customer notifications support 22 languages 

In response to your requests, we have translated our widget, payment page, and customer notifications into Portuguese and Estonian.

 Now our widget, payment page, and customer notifications support 22 languages:

 Azerbaijani, Belarusian, Chinese, Danish, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, Georgian, German, Italian, Japanese, Latvian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian.

SiGMA World Conference in Malta

And once again, our team, led by Alexander Mihailovski, was heading to SiGMA Europe 2023, the ultimate iGaming event of the year, which took place in Malta from November 13th to 17th. We extend our sincere gratitude to all our clients and partners who visited our booth during the event. Your presence made it a remarkable experience.

Respectfully, eComCharge TeamВерим в ваш успех, Команда eComCharge
eComCharge develops and delivers the PCI DSS Level 1 certified White Label Payment Platform beGateway for Payment Service Providers and Acquirers.Компания eComCharge разрабатывает и поставляет процессинговую платежную платформу beGateway, сертифицированную по самому высшему уровню стандарта PCI DSS, для поставщиков платежных услуг и банков, которые используют ее под собственным брендом.