If you are a payment service provider who rents the beGateway white label payment platform for payment accepting and processing under your own brand, you are most interested in the platform’s functionality. Today we want to talk about SDKs (Software Development Kit) for Android and iOS for accepting payments in sellers’ mobile apps.

Mobile SDKs for Android and iOS beGateway

Why do we need mobile SDKs for Android and iOS?

The mobile SDK for Android and iOS is necessary for your merchants wishing to accept payments in their mobile app, rather than on the website.

To accept payments in the mobile app, the merchant has to embed the payment page in their mobile app.

The merchant can do so in a variety of ways. Let’s talk about each of the ways to understand how important it is to offer the mobile SDK to your merchants who sell products or services in the mobile app. Plus, you can use this text as another reason to convince the merchant once again to choose you over your competitors.

Option one. The easiest way for those with no mobile SDKs for Android and iOS (and you have one). To redirect the buyer of your merchant to the mobile system browser to the payment page, when they click the pay button.

However, for all its simplicity and apparent evidence, this option is not the most convenient, both from the technical and aesthetic point of view: the programmer needs to transfer the buyer from the application to the operating system browser at the right time, and then to transfer the buyer back to the application.

Besides, any mobile app developer (as well as any regular app developer) values their time and will always prefer to integrate with a payment service provider with a mobile SDK ceteris paribus. And most merchants tend to listen to their programmers in such matters.

As for the online sellers, they usually want their payment pages and their mobile apps to have a single interface, which is not the case with redirecting the buyer from the app to the browser and back.

Option two. To have the online seller’s programmers create and program a payment page in the online seller’s mobile app. To do so, the mobile app developer needs to understand how your payment gateway (i.e. our beGateway) works, what data the merchant needs to send, when it is sent, in what format, what responses the payment gateway sends, and so on.

The method is very resource consuming and is difficult to implement. And let’s be honest, it’s not the best choice as there are simpler ways to embed a payment page in a mobile app. The developer, just like in option one, will begin to search for another payment service provider with a mobile SDK for Android and iOS.

Option three.  To use the mobile SDK you offer for Android and iOS. This is by any standard the most correct and simple option.  The developer gets a set of functions with certain parameters from our library and receives clear detailed responses.

With the mobile SDK, the developer of your client’s mobile app doesn’t need to reinvent the wheel. There is no need to:

  • program the payment page from scratch;
  • think through all possible scenarios of the payer’s behaviour and the payment page reaction. For example, card validation algorithms, in case the customer makes a mistake and enters the card number incorrectly. This and many other cases should be provided for, and the appropriate behaviour of the payment page should be programmed;
  • implement data encryption and think whether to send it to your system or to the issuing Bank if the cards must pass the 3-D Secure verification, etc.

Instead, your client’s programmer uses the SDK you offer and the functionality provided.

All transaction types accepted through your payment gateway are available in the mobile SDK. The merchant can customize the payment page by changing the font and colour, as well as the text on the payment button.

To get the SDK faster, place links to the mobile SDK for Android and the mobile SDK for iOS on your site in the developer section.

Good luck with your business and all future endeavours!

If you don’t have your own payment gateway or you are thinking of changing your service provider, rent our beGateway!

Respectfully, eComCharge TeamВерим в ваш успех, Команда eComCharge
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