Control your merchants using our white label payment gateway solution

Goodwill and prosperity of a payment service provider depends largely on the activity of merchants that use the provider’s service. That is why, ideally, any payment service should have maximum control over their customers and their transactions.

If you outsource beGateway white label payment processing platform to accept and process online payments,

you will be able to offer your risk managers some convenient and practical tools to:

  1. Effectively manage your online merchants’ transaction flows;
  2. Be notified in case of any suspicious or dangerous situation involving them;
  3. Select a possible response to prevent unwanted consequences.

Control over your Internet merchants with our white label merchant service solution

For a payment service provider to have control over their Internet merchants is primarily a means of control over their transactions. And to have control over the transactions means to have access to up-to-date information about the merchants at any time.

BeGateway white label payment processing solution for payment service providers has ample opportunities to create any kind of statistical reports about transactions of your payment service customers:

  1. You can view the reports both on the system as a whole, and on a separate merchant or store.
  2. You can create reports both on a single transaction type and result, and on all types of transactions at once to assess the situation and payment trends, refunds and chargebacks in general.
  3. Built-in filters allow your risk managers to get the needed information about the merchants’ transaction flow going through your payment processing system service.
  4. All reports can be exported to a Microsoft Excel file for further analysis.

In addition to statistical reports, beGateway white label payment platform provides your risk-managers with full access to the list of all your customers’ transactions. Transaction selection criteria are customizable.

Protect your business and business of your merchants

Thanks to fraud protection and risk management by beProtected which is part of beGateway white label payment processing platform (though can be used separately or combined with any processing system), your risk managers will be able to:

  1. Set limits on the amount and the number of payments accepted by your merchants.
  2. Specify acceptable levels of total amount and quantity of refunds and chargebacks for each online store integrated with your processing system based on beGateway platform.
  3. Instantly receive an email notification if any of the limits has been exceeded.

In general, beProtected allows you to create templates for detecting any undesirable situation related to online merchants’ transactions, and will inform you immediately if it occurs.

What allows you beProtected

beProtected system allows you to:

  1. Set limits for online stores to accept payments on a geographical basis, according to the payment cards BIN.
  2. Allow or deny payment acceptance and refund transactions using different means of payment.
  3. And much more to ensure reliable, around-the-clock, automatic monitoring of online merchants’ transactional activity.

Block merchants if you need

And finally a payment service provider with a beGateway-based processing system can either shutdown a merchant completely, or block temporarily the ability to perform any action associated with payment acceptance and refunds, if needed.

At the same time, the merchant will still be able to enter the back office to get up-to-date information about their account status, statistical data etc.

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