Payment Gateway White Label Solution. Setup in one month

Whether you launch a new payment service provider or plan to replace the current processing system software with something technologically advanced and progressive to offer your customers a new level of service, we are ready to help and provide you our beGateway- payment gateway white label solution.

We guarantee that if you opt for beGateway – white label payment gateway, – you will get a modern, full-featured and PCI DSS Level 1 certified processing system “turnkey” within one month from the date of signing the lease or purchasing a licensed copy of beGateway platform.

Setup / Boot-up proccess

One month. That’s how much it takes us to meet your standard requirements to setup of white label payment processing software. Let’s look at the details:

Clarifying the needs

When you first call eComCharge there will be a personal manager assigned to you.

They will tell you about the possibilities beGateway White Label Payment Platform offers to accept and process online payments. They will answer any questions you may have. Together, you will figure out the requirements and wishes for your new processing system. You will discuss the options of using beGateway platform and the cost. Your personal manager will draw up the contract and will accompany you throughout your partnership with eComCharge.

Setting up your processing system

Immediately upon signing the contract, our specialists will start setting up your processing system based on beGateway platform. For them to be able to do this, you need to provide registered domain names for your system (for the back office, gateway and payment page). Besides, you will be required to provide a valid SSL certificate to ensure a secure connection with the domain.

It is a two-step process:

  1. Setting up beGateway platform copy
  2. Customization according to your requirements

On our own servers, we launch a copy of beGateway white label payment platform and customize it, for it to become your payment service processing system.

Setting up a beGateway white label payment platform copy

Our technical platform, ready-to-use and PCI DSS certified, is where your processing system will be physically located, if you choose to rent beGateway platform. In this case, the first stage of setting up may just take a couple of hours.

If you decide to buy the ownership of a licensed copy of our white label payment gateway as SaaS platform, or set up a processing platform copy on your servers, then the installation time and the installation process will be discussed individually.

Customizing your processing platform under your brand

When your beGateway platform copy is set up, we embark on its customization. This is when your future processing system gets its own individual features.

Using CSS files and your payment service logos, we will render all the visible user interface elements of beGateway white label processing platform compliant with your brand style and design.

Logining to the processing system, the payment gateway address for the exchange of transactional data with your dealers, e-mail addresses to send notifications and confirmations, etc. will be linked to the domain name of your payment service.

All documentation for the processing system based on beGateway platform, both for internal use and for your merchants will be branded accordingly.

In your back office, you will be able to customize your copy as you see fit: logos, e-mail address, your back office style and the design of your merchants’ back office.

Integrating acquiring banks

However, if your company is planning to start or is already working with a certain Acquirer or an alternative payment system, which is not supported by beGateway white label payment processing platform, we will do the necessary integration.

Our programmers will integrate beGateway white label payment solution with the acquiring bank. We will need only the relevant API documentation and test data that you can easily get from your partner.

Such integration takes us an average of two weeks, including testing and debugging.

To save time for the setup and launch of your new processing system based on beGateway platform, we start integration immediately upon signing the contract with your company. Therefore, integration, if any, is parallel to launching and customization of your new payment acceptance and processing system.

Transfer of access rights and documentation

Once customization is complete, you get a branded, fully functional processing system, ready for immediate operation.

We give you administrator access to the control center of your new processing system, a complete set of documentation on its use for your employees and customers, as well as copies of documents confirming that your new processing system is certified according to the PCI DSS Level 1.


The final step is to train the employees of your payment service to use your new processing system.

We offer 24 hours of training for you and your employees and you can use it as you see fit.

We can provide training either remotely using convenient means of telecommunications or in person at your office.

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