Lower operational and support costs using our white label payment gateway solution

Just like any other business, payment service providers seek to increase profits and reduce cost. If you are going to create a new company to provide online payment acceptance and processing service, you will surely be delighted to reduce the initial cost of the technical basis, i.e. of the processing system.

If your payment service already offers these services, you will definitely be interested in reducing the current expenses on maintenance and development. We are sure you have a good reason to do so.

How do I launch a payment service processing system?

Develop or purchase the appropriate software for the future processing system.

The processing system software is the most expensive part of the preparations for the launch of the online payment acceptance and processing service.

It does not matter, whether you hire highly skilled and experienced programmers who create the software for your company, outsource the work, or buy a ready-made licensed copy. In any case, your expenses on the acquisition of the necessary software will amount to a six-figure sum in euros.

Prepare the technical basis – the servers and network infrastructure – for the software.

As compared to the cost of the processing system development or support, the cost of servers and network configuration is quite benign at about 4,000 euros.

An experienced system administrator and the downpayment to rent specialized equipment from a hosting provider that meets PCI DSS requirements will cost you about the same 4,000 each. If for some reason you wish to purchase and use your own HW – the amount will be three to four times bigger.

Certify the processing system according to PCI DSS standard.

To go through PCI DSS certification, which is indispensable for your billing service to have a right to work with the bank payment cards, will cost around 30,000 euros per year.

Keep in mind that this is just the initial monetary outlay for the payment service provider to set up and launch the processing system. Besides, you spend time and other resources to implement what you have in mind, and it all adds up. Therefore, the launch of a new processing service is quite costly.

Having an existing payment service also means having to pay regularly for the technical support of the business. A payment service provider should:

  • permanently employ an experienced system administrator and at least a couple of programmers for technical support and processing system development;
  • pay a monthly fee to a specialized (therefore a more expensive than usual) hosting provider;
  • go through annual PCI DSS certification.

All of it may cost your processing company more than 100,000 euros a year.

How can I save if I rent beGateway white label payment gateway solution?

You do not have to develop or purchase the software for future payment processing system.

For a small fee, you can rent from us a white label processing platform.

We take care of everything associated with technical support, maintenance and development of your processing system based on beGateway white label platform, including the addition of new functions and integration with any new payment systems.

Moreover, you can buy to own a licensed copy of beGateway white label processing platform. Whether you rent the white label payment processing system or buy it, you can rely on us for technical support for a small fee.

You do not need to deal with the technical issues – the server and network infrastructure – to install and to run the payment processing platform.

With beGateway white label processing solution, you will no longer need a technical department, which means no associated costs. Besides, you do not pay for a specialized hosting.

Your payment processing system does not have to be certified according to PCI DSS.

We go through the annual PCI DSS certification on our own.

The cost of beGateway white label processing system installation, customization, configuration and launch depends on the individual wishes and requirements of each payment service provider.

All associated work is performed by our company and takes no longer than a month, if you do not plan extra integration options or other individual functions.

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