Statistics & Accounting

You get statistical reports with customizable specification for any period. Financial reports with calculated amounts for merchant payouts are generated daily. Payouts and security deposits are recorded. Report export is available in MS Excel format.

Viewing Statistic Reports

To analyze merchants’ activity you can use the function of viewing statistic reports. To create a report, you can use and combine the extended list of parameters and their combinations. Statistics reports help to make strategic desisions related to various questions: starting from product type to target audience of the shop.

Grouping type of the report data

by days or by months, and set preferred time zone. Besides, beGateway system can convert different currencies of different transactions into a preferred currency, which greatly facilitates the work. The generated report can be saved to your computer in the form of a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet in .xlsx file. The list of included transactions can be saved in the same file.

Viewing Transactions

You can search transactions, using various parameters. You’ll never need to worry about losing track of transactions! System ensures the search by various parameters, so you can use almost any payment detail in order to find the transaction you search. Search using only one field or a combination of fields to narrow you search. Searches will include transaction history for transactions that meet the specified criteria.

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