Types of Transactions


Payment transaction is a combination of authorization and capture processed at a time. This transaction type is generally used when the goods or services can be immediately provided to the customer.


The request used to verify cardholder’s funds. It is typically employed when merchants do not fulfill orders immediately.


After an order is shipped, a previous authorized amount can be settled (captured). The card issuing bank credits the funds to the merchant’s bank account and updates the cardholder’s statement. Card regulations require a merchant to ship goods before settling the funds for an order.


The request allows you to void a transaction that has been previously authorized and is still pending settlement. Voiding a transaction cancels the authorization process and prevents the transaction from being submitted to the processor for settlement.


The refund allows to credit the customer, e.g. in case of returned goods or cancelation. To post a refund request, a valid transaction UID from a former Capture or Payment transaction is required. It is only possible to credit an amount less than or equal to the initial transaction using the same currency as with the original transaction. This feature also allows you to issue multiple partial refunds against an original transaction.


The request credits (pushes) funds to a recipient’s card account. The transaction is not supported by all acquiring banks and the transaction is not available to all merchants.


The request does a risk check of transaction details against configured risk management rules: white and black lists, amount limits, velocity limits and processing restrictions (e.g. to block certain card BINs)


A chargeback is a transaction disputed by the cardholder or issuer. There are many reasons for chargebacks, but the most common are returned goods, terminated services, disputes, errors or fraud. Chargebacks are a costly part of accepting credit cards. However, merchants can minimise the risk of chargebacks at the time of sale by working to achieve maximum customer satisfaction and transaction accuracy.


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