Hello! We are looking for agents. Yes, that’s right – agents. Sales agents of our payment platform who will introduce us to new clients wishing to launch or develop business of online payment acceptance and processing using Bank cards and e-wallets.

How to become a sales agent of payment platform

Running such a business always entails two major issues:

1. the administrative – the required staff, licenses, contracts, registrations, etc.
2. the technical – processing system software and server infrastructure.

eComCharge is proud to offer you a ready-made solution to the second problem on a turnkey basis – beGateway, a WLS platform for Internet payment acceptance and processing. It is this platform that we need sales agents for.

What is beGateway?

beGateway is modern software for a fully functional processing system for a payment service provider. It is certified as compliant with the PCI DSS.

beGateway can be either rented or purchased:

1. In the first case, beGateway is provided to the customer in the Platform-As-a-Service mode and operates on the technical site of the eComCharge company.

2. In the second case, it is installed on the buyer’s servers.

What’s more, beGateway can be first rented, and later bought into acquisition. At that, the former tenant, i.e. the future owner, gets a significant discount (the amount is negotiable) of the cost of the purchased system.

beGateway is offered as a white label solution. This means no matter how the processing system (payment gateway) is obtained by the customer, the system (based on beGateway) will always be fully branded according to their requirements, including the design, logos, and domain name to log in the personal back offices and accept incoming transactions.

Quick deployment of the processing system for the payment service provider is one of the many distinctive features of beGateway. Depending on the specific wishes of the customer, it takes from 1 day to 1 month to provide them with a fully functional system for online payment accepting and processing.
For more information about the system, please see our website homepage and blog.

Who might be interested in beGateway and why?

beGateway may be of interest to any payment service provider that helps online businesses accept credit cards and other payment means from customers for goods and services.

1. It can be a processing company that connects online stores to acquiring banks and deals in technical transaction processing.

2. It can also be an aggregator of Internet payments accepting money from clients and buyers of online merchants to the aggregator’s own account with the subsequent distribution of funds among its clients, the sellers.

3. Or, this may be an acquiring bank, that wants to create their own payment service provider to offer their business clients a fully functional in-house service of Internet acquiring on a turnkey basis without having to involve outside processing companies.

4. Less obvious, but equally promising as beGateway tenants are Internet marketplaces, aspiring to become payment aggregators for their clients.

It is vital for each of them to have a reliable, safe and modern system for accepting and processing online card and alternative payments. Besides, the processing system should be flexible and functional to satisfy even the most demanding Internet sellers. However, the system must comply with the strictest industry standards of payment data security.

beGateway is exactly the kind of processing platform.

Since beGateway is available as a cloud service, the payment service provider significantly reduces their own expenses of technical support and technical personnel.

Not only startups, but also experienced payment service providers thinking about significant update of their current processing system to gain new opportunities for customers and business development can become beGateway platform users and eComCharge clients. In this case, we help with data transfer.

Who can become a sales agent of the payment platform?

We offer to sign an agency agreement with any company or an individual who believe they can introduce us to businesses that might be interested in renting or buying the beGateway platform.

1. You can be a payment service broker bringing together Internet merchants, processing companies and acquiring banks.

2. You can also be a lawyer or a law firm, a consultant or a registrar specializing in e-commerce industry and related fields.

3. Or, you can be a software company that develops software for banks, payment services, marketplaces – i.e. for the payment industry and the related fields in general. By the way, why not offer our products as one “package” solution?

4. We are open to any mutually beneficial relationship.

Why is it profitable to be a sales agent of beGateway?

Our agents get 10% of the beGateway value when selling the platform and 10% of our monthly revenue  if the clients rent the platform. Under the agency contract, we pay monthly commissions.

Please note that due to its uniqueness and customization, the beGateway platform does not have a fixed price either as rented or sold. The price of rent and purchase varies depending on customer requests. The more expensive it is for sale/rent, the higher your commission.

How to become a sales agent of beGateway payment platform?

Email us at: resellers@ecomcharge.com or call + 371 6739 8658, +371 2514 1207

We are here for you from 10 am to 7pm, GMT +2

Let’s earn together!

eComCharge Team
We have been developing White Label Payment Platform and maintenance services for Payment Service Providers and Acquiring banks for more than 16 years.